Welcome to the virtual town of La Paz in cyberspace! I am so happy that finally our beloved town of La Paz can now boast of a virtual home of its own. For many years I have been thinking of Lapazenos from all over the world getting connected and staying in touch with one another through the power of the Internet. Now this dream has become a reality. We live in an ultramodern world of instantaneity. There is no doubt about this. Everything, from preparing and drinking coffee to buying things online, is done in the blink of an eye. An engineer by profession, Mayor Michael "Bong" Manuel always seeks order and organization in everything he does.

He admires efficiency in work and hopes to transform the municipal government of La Paz into a well-oiled machine that delivers quality services to its constituents. The rallying cry of his administration-Bayang Organisado, Naniniraha'y Ganado-is a reflection of his goal towards effectiveness and efficiency in public service. Mayor Bong, as he is fondly called by members of the community, is the youngest municipal mayor in the province of Tarlac and among the youngest across the country. At 35 years old. image The early history of La Paz is told in a legend. Once upon a time there was an old, old pueblo called Cama Juan situated right along the bank of the Chico River bordering the province of Tarlac and Nueva Ecija. When the Chico River overflowed during a storm, a great flood swept the entire pueblo at an unholy hour when the entire populace was asleep. The flood left in its wake a picture of total devastation claiming scores of human life.
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Lapaz, Tarlac